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Digital health is the future of healthcare and encompasses various services including e-communications with patients, online scheduling, Telemedicine, integrations and clinical intelligence protocols, which are becoming essential components of a medical practice . However every medical practice is unique in its needs and having a right customizable solution at right price is the key for better productivity & work-flow optimization. That’s what makes SmartClinix a very unique and natural choice for many independent medical practices.

SmartClinix is a project of American TelePhysicians (ATP), which is a physicians-led digital healthcare organisation with vast experience in clinical informatics. Not only we understand the clinical work-flow & build ideal customizable solutions for our partners, we also understand their financial needs and provide our services at right cost!

ATP has won various awards for its outstanding and innovative projects and services . For more information visit our website

Trusted by thousands of care providers worldwide

SmartClinix Plans for Doctors & Clinics

For Existing
Office Practices


Fully featured Telemedicine EMR

Full featured Telemedicine solution with EMR to simulate complete clinic experience. Book appointments and see patients with medical assistant

Starting From $199


For New


360 Degree Online Clinic

Telemedicine EMR with all the features you need to start you own online practice, including website, e-prescription, billing, Insurance credentialing and much more

Starting From $399


For New


360 Degree Online Clinic

Comprehensive Online Clinic with your own brand and customized workflows for rounding at other facilities.

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Simplest Way to Start Practicing Online

For providers who are looking for just a quick, simple and secure way to start seeing patients online and keep using their current EMR systems, SmartClinix Basic package does the trick!


  1. Register a patient in SmartClinix
  2. Send Patient video consultation Link via Text or Email
  3. See Patient Online

Isn't that easy?

But that's not it!

SmartClinix Basic package is FREE to use. So Sign up today and start your online practice!

Looking for Complete Clinic Experience instead?

Want to Book appointments in advance or want your medical assistant to see patient first and then invite physician to the call room?

Multi-user consultations

SmartClinix Multi-user consultation feature allows providers to invite family members or other doctors to the online consultation room.

This feature comes handy in various situations.

  • Induced isolation such as COVID-19
  • The patient needs support
  • The patient's native language isn't English & a family member or interpreter joins to bridge the communication gap
  • The patient is hearing/sight impaired
  • For 2nd opinion service
  • Multi-disciplinary rounds

The process is simple

  1. Provider invites the new user in the video consultation by adding his/her e-mail and/or cellphone
  2. The new user receives a link
  3. He clicks on the link to join the call
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Consultations On The Go

SmartClinix is available for both Android & iOS Apps to allow both providers & patients to conduct consultations on the move. The apps replicate full functionality & features of SmartClinix desktop version to ensure a superior experience with mobility.

Download App for Andriod Devices Download App for IOS Devices

Telemedicine Equipment

The right Telemedicine equipment can not only optimize your workflows, but also increase your outreach and improve efficiency of care delivery at remote areas.

Not only SmartClinix is interoperable with all major Telemedicine equipment brands, it also offers proprietary equipment tried and tested to work best with the clinical workflows

SmartClinix Telemedicine equipment line-up includes

  • Lite Telemedicine Cart
  • Advanced Telemedicine Cart
  • Digital Stethoscope
  • Digital Oximeter

...and much more

SmartClinix Telemedicine equipment enables true telemedicine by allowing providers to provide swift consultations at multiple places beyond geographical limitations. This ensures not only seamless continuation of care, but ultra-rapid response time which isn't humanly possible if the provider is required to travel physically in case of emergency.

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What makes Smartclinix special?

SmartClinix is designed by Physicians, for Physicians. Teams of top consultant physicians from across the globe continuously participate in the design, development & enhancement of this project. The result is a seamless Telemedicine EMR solution where every step, every process and every workflow is aimed to make care delivery convenient, swift and efficient. SmartClinix conveniently manages all operational tasks, allowing physicians to do what they do best - Deliver top quality care.

Smart Clinix is Just more than a Video Portal

At SmartClinix, we believe that Telemedicine is more than just an Audio-Video chat. It should present a complete virtual clinic experience. SmartClinix online consultation solution comes equipped with built-in state-of-the-art EMR, HIPAA compliant video with multi-user triage features, virtual waiting room, queue systems, DICOM, chats & notifications, e-prescriptions, e-faxing, direct ordering of labs & imaging services & much more . This enables the provider to deliver care efficiently, conveniently and without compromises.

Provide Consultation on the GO To Patient

SmartClinix Telemedicine platform is a cloud based solution hosted on Amazom AWS servers, which makes it accessible at anytime, from anywhere. The built-in EMR system ensures that the patient data is available at hand for reference and updation during teleconsultations. SmartClinix is accessible via all updated browsers, as well as Mobile apps for both iOS and Android, enabling both providers and patients to connect and tele-consult on-the-go without the limitation of being in the office premises.

Practice , Brand and Workflows

In an ideal world, your practice tools should be tailor-made to your particular practice, including your brand standards, your required processes and clinical workflows. SmartClinix provides that ideal world scenario when it comes to EMR, Telemedicine & practice solutions. We can customized or whitelabel the SmartClinix to fit your requirements, brand and liking, allowing you to maintain your individuality, build your own brand and optimize practice operations. Contact us now for details.